Alabama Crane & Electrical Service, LLC can provide you with a variety of
services to best suit your material handling needs. Our customers' needs are our
top priority;  we assure you a swift response time and the confidence that  your  
cranes  and  personnel  will  operate  in a safe environment. Our knowledgeable  
team  of  professionals, all  veterans with many years of hands-on experience in
the crane  industry,  provides  our  customers  with  the  best  prices  and  highest  
quality  services. Alabama Crane & Electrical Service, LLC was founded to  
provide  companies  that utilize Overhead Material  Handling  Equipment  the  
opportunity  to  move  forward  in  the  daily  operations  of  their manufacturing  
facilities  with  the  confidence  that  their cranes and the trained personnel
operating them  will  operate  safely  and t he assurance that their equipment has
been properly inspected with the proper preventive maintenance programs in
place. We pride ourselves in assuring our customers that  their  experiences  with  
us  will  be  a  relationship  unlike  any  other.  Once your equipment is inspected,  
all  information  gathered  will  be  loaded  into  our  database. Not only will this
give our customers the advantage of receiving the very best pricing, but they will
have added convenience of being  able  to  log  into  a  website  and  access  
information  on  each  of  their  cranes  we inspect. Our experienced staff are all
veterans in the material handling Industry; our engineering capabilities
allow  us  to  provide  structural  engineering  to assess  overhead  crane runway  
evaluations, crane respans,  capacity  upgrades,  consulting,  and  on-site  project  
engineering.  Specifications  can  be written  for New Crane Applications to ensure
that the equipment purchased will be inspected for the exact  application  it is  
assigned.  Assistance  in  evaluating  proposals  for new overhead cranes is
offered at  our  customers'  request.  Our  electrical  capabilities  give  us  the
opportunity to offer our customers  the  guarantee  that  they are dealing with a
customer support team that have many years of hands on experience dealing with
electrical upgrades and the unexpected electrical problems that always  seem  to  
occur  at  the  worst  times. The company was founded with the intent of controlled
growth; this guarantees our customers that all service requests are responded to
in a timely manner. Following   up  with  our  customers  plays an important part in
providing the highest quality services with the most competitive pricing of any  
material handling  vendor  by keeping  operating  expenses lower than  our
competition  and  employing  experienced  veterans of the material handling
Our Commitment to Our Customers